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Welcome to Balanced Beginnings!
Woodridge, IL
Erin Geyer-Gilman, M.A., LMT
I am dedicated to bringing happiness and health to women, mothers and babies.
I firmly believe that the best beginning for our children of the future starts with nurturing that child's mother (and father too). In this way they can focus on nurturing themselves and their child for the ultimate, Balanced Beginning.
I am mother to Liam (4) and Noel (10 months). Liam's beginning was a homebirth turned unnecessary C Section, he was 8.9 at birth. Noel's birth was a unassisted home birth after c section HVBAC with the emotional support of a midwife friend. Noel was 10 pounds at birth.  
Arcturus Chicago Waldorf  Early Childhood & Grades Teacher Training 2011-present
I offer Waldorf inspired babysitting in our home in Woodridge, IL.
Master of Arts Degree in Holistic Wellness Concentrating in Herbology Clayton College of Natural Health
B.A. Liberal Arts Concentrating in Psychology & Religion Saint Xavier University
Nationally & State Certified Massage Therapist  Soderworld's Academy of the Healing Arts in Hinsdale
Massage Specialties
Mercier Therapy Pelvic Massage for Women's Health
Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage
Ayurvedic Panchakarma Massages
Raindrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Oils
Cranial Sacral Therapy / Reiki
Lymphatic Drainage
Myofascial & Deep Tissue Massage
Infant Massage Parent Education
Zen Shiatsu for Fertility, Birth and Postpartum
Scar Tissue Massage,
Floating Joint Technique ,
Advanced Tensegrity / Three Level Theory
(with Chuck & Julie LaFrano
Birth Doula  and "Couple to Couple" Child Birth Educator Association of Labor Assistants and Child Birth Educators (
Postpartum Doula Maternity Wise
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training 2007 La Leche League Confrence
Midwifery Assistant Training Ina May Gaskin / The Farm Midwives
Neonatal Resuscitation Certified American Heart Association & American Academy of Pediatrics / Karen Strange 2008 2011
Hypno Birthing class attendee The Monogan Method with Kelli Paulus
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Erin Geyer-Gilman does not claim to prevent, cure, diagnose or treat disease. Erin Geyer-Gilman's services are educational in nature and are to be used at your own discretion. None of Erin Geyer-Gilman's services or products are to be used in place of the advice and or treatment of your care provider.
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